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Koffee Break

Koffee Break, a Star Wars fan film, always leaves viewers wanting more Koffee.

Koffee Break
Black October

Black October, a short film, is a prequel to the upcoming project Souls of Black.

Black October

Maris the Great

Where the Fuck Are They?
That is the question asked by this promotional video for the band Maris the Great and the Faggots of Death. It is the day of the concert, and the band has gone missing...

Where the Fuck Are They? WARNING: mature content

Hello Baby

Hello Baby is a short film dedicated to stupid parents everywhere.

Hello Baby

Plush Posh Pink

Have you encountered Plush Posh Pink yet? If not, your life is missing something. Part One and Two produced by Thoth Engine Productions, in association with Shock Brothers Studio.

Plush Posh Pink WARNING: mature content

making a zombie

Zombie Blood Chaos, a feature-length project, shows us a world where a zombie apocalypse is taking place. But don't be fooled, it really is a humorous subject. Paul Bruning of Shock Brothers Studio played the zombie in the jean jacket, a variety of other zombies, and assisted with makeup and effects.

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